n. & v.
1 (in full court of law) a an assembly of judges or other persons acting as a tribunal in civil and criminal cases. b = COURTROOM.
2 a an enclosed quadrangular area for games, which may be open or covered (tennis-court; squash-court). b an area marked out for lawn tennis etc. (hit the ball out of court).
3 a a small enclosed street in a town, having a yard surrounded by houses, and adjoining a larger street. b Brit. = COURTYARD. c (Court) the name of a large house, block of flats, street, etc. (Grosvenor Court). d (at Cambridge University) a college quadrangle. e a subdivision of a building, usu. a large hall extending to the ceiling with galleries and staircases.
4 a the establishment, retinue, and courtiers of a sovereign. b a sovereign and his or her councillors, constituting a ruling power. c a sovereign's residence. d an assembly held by a sovereign; a State reception.
5 attention paid to a person whose favour, love, or interest is sought (paid court to her).
6 a the qualified members of a company or a corporation. b (in some Friendly Societies) a local branch. c a meeting of a court.
1 a try to win the affection or favour of (a person). b pay amorous attention to (courting couples).
2 seek to win (applause, fame, etc.).
3 invite (misfortune) by one's actions (you are courting disaster).
Phrases and idioms:
court-card a playing-card that is a king, queen, or jack (orig. coat-card). court circular Brit. a daily report of royal court affairs, published in some newspapers. court dress formal dress worn at a royal court. court-house
1 a building in which a judicial court is held.
2 US a building containing the administrative offices of a county. Court leet see LEET(1). Court of Appeal a court of law hearing appeals against judgements in the Crown Court, High Court, County Court, etc. Court of Protection Brit. the department of the Supreme Court attending to the affairs of the mentally unfit. court of record a court whose proceedings are recorded and available as evidence of fact. Court of St James's the British sovereign's court. Court of Session the supreme civil court in Scotland. court of summary jurisdiction a court having the authority to use summary proceedings and arrive at a judgement or conviction. court order a direction issued by a court or a judge, usu. requiring a person to do or not do something. court plaster hist. sticking-plaster for cuts etc. (formerly used by ladies at court for face-patches). court roll hist. a manorial-court register of holdings. court shoe a woman's light, usu. high-heeled, shoe with a low-cut upper. court tennis US real tennis. go to court take legal action. in court appearing as a party or an advocate in a court of law.
out of court
1 (of a plaintiff) not entitled to be heard.
2 (of a settlement) arranged before a hearing or judgement can take place.
3 not worthy of consideration (that suggestion is out of court).
Etymology: ME f. AF curt, OF cort, ult. f. L cohors, -hortis yard, retinue: (v.) after OIt. corteare, OF courtoyer

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